Project-Based Consulting Services

Outside CFO can support your senior management team by providing project-based support and financial consulting services on an as-needed basis. Our experienced team of on-demand CFOs can handle discrete projects such as implementing new financial accounting systems or building a financial model to raise equity or debt, at reasonable rates, sparing your company the expense and time associated with adding a full-time employee to your existing staff. Our executives have a deep understanding of the challenges inherent at every stage of the corporate life cycle, enabling them to jump in with little to no oversight and provide hands-on, experienced support.

Our on-demand CFOs can help . . .

  • Develop & implement financial controls and processes
  • Build a robust financial model to enable your equity raise
  • Spearhead a finite project when your existing team is stretched
  • Consult on an industry-specific question or best practices
  • Prepare materials for your board meetings
  • Conduct financial due diligence on an M&A target or prepare the company for due diligence review in a sale

Outside CFO is a great short-term solution. We can be your overflow safety valve – when things are too busy, we can step in to help out. Think of us as a member of your team, but without the commitment of adding to your full-time staff and without the burden of getting someone up to speed.

Contact us to learn how we can support your senior finance team.